Matt and Linda Lutz have been placed on this planet for one purpose…To “see” inside, dig out and unleash the full potential of everyone they come in contact with.  Hundred’s of people have experienced their unique gifting and are living in their true passion and purpose. They are truly “Destiny Diggers” and are tenacious in helping their clients be all they were born to be.

Career Coach
Social Job Search Strategist

Linda, a Career Coach and Employment Skills Expert, is passionate about releasing people to live their dreams and walk in their destiny. She helps clients and students create and navigate a road map to achieve ultimate career satisfaction, resulting in higher incomes and increased professional and personal fulfillment.
Blazing her own trail, Linda’s entrepreneurial spirit became evident at the age of 23 when she started a special events company in Southern California. A move to North Carolina brought Linda to an international software training company where she was named one of the top 7 trainers in the world.

Then her passion for helping people led her to establish the Computer Training Partnership, a nonprofit organization providing computer and office skills training for economically disadvantaged adults. Hundreds have returned to the workforce through Linda’s training, coaching and encouragement.

Spend a few minutes with Linda and her contagious energy will have you believing that you can accomplish anything. She is a dynamic encourager and passionate teacher and imparts wisdom, confidence and hope wherever she goes. In addition to career coaching, Linda teaches employment skills classes for Wake Technical Community College.

Relationship Coach
Business Consultant
Author | Motivational Speaker

After serving 10 years in the United States Marine Corps leading Marines as a Non-Commissioned Officer, Matt began a career in the printing business serving as a successful business manager in Raleigh, NC.
For the past 21 years Matt has served as the Pastor of a dynamic church where he has honed his skills as a highly competent speaker, coach, teacher and mentor. Matt has spoken on just about every topic of life and his experience dealing with all aspects of relationships just about equates to a PHD in human nature.
He is the author of the upcoming book, “The Wedding that Saved my Marriage”; a book that breaks down the traditional wedding ceremony and draws out nuggets of wisdom that will make or keep your marriage amazing. Matt has taken what he has learned and incorporated it into his own tremendously successful marriage and coached married folks from the brink of despair to the heights of passion again.  
Matt has had speaking engagements all over the world including India, Australia and Papua New Guinea. His unique perspective, engaging delivery and timely humor helps people see things in a different light and make changes for a better life.