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Printing Press Operator... Walt Disney Singer... Missionary... River Boat Entertainer... Marine Corps Veteran... Karaoke Ambassador... Entrepreneur... Business Manager... Minister... Rock Star... World Traveler


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An east coaster travels out west to become a star. In the mean time, a California girl builds an entertainment company from the ground up. They meet up in a bar, sing karaoke together and 8 weeks later they are married.

That’s pretty much our story in a nut shell. We are adventurous, spontaneous (for the most part) and love to have fun, yet we take our calling and our destiny VERY serious.

What is our calling and destiny? I’m glad you asked.

It’s YOU

We are absolutely driven to help people just like you become ALL that they are created to be.

Through our brand-new show Living Extraordinary, world-class online training programs, and our customized life and career coaching, we help people like you dream big and back it up with meaningful action to create results.

One of the things we are often asked is
“How on earth did you get started in all this?”

We believe one of the biggest factors that brought us to this point in our lives is the time we spent pastoring a church for 21 years. At the very young age of $&%, we were thrust into the weighty and tremendous task of pastoring people, most of which were older than us. It was there we were almost forced to find out what exactly is it that makes people genuinely happy, successful and creatively fulfilled? Why do some people struggle while others find a way to thrive, often despite the most challenging circumstances?

It was truly “on the job training” as you don’t learn any of that in Bible College, so we went on a 21 year quest to find out the best (and the worst) ways to become all you were created to be.

What we found out was AMAZING!

Every experience we ever had in life (even the wrong turns and the dumb decisions) was the training and experience that prepared us for what we are doing today. Who’d of thunk it?

You see, it’s not what you do in life that trains you, it what you learn from what you do.


We’re here to serve. Our company is built on a bedrock of love, a passion for people and a commitment to be an unstoppable force for good.

Through our free content, our paid online training programs and our customized one-on-one coaching— we’re in this to make a difference. To help you build the life that you’re created to live and truly love. A life that is one of a kind, unique and brilliantly tailored for you.

Yes, this is a business. Yes, we sell things. Yes, we’re proud and deeply grateful to earn a living doing so. But our commitment is to bring you the very best of what we have lived and learned as well as what we are living and learning. 

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